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RC Quadcopter Racing Simulator

Features LOS (line of sight) and FPV (first person view) flying.

Includes self-leveling and acro mode. 3D flight mode (negative thrust/inverted flying) is also available in the full version.

Supports mode 1,2,3 and 4.

Ability to adjust settings for input rates, camera and physics.

It is highly recommended to use a USB controller/RC radio*

You can find more information on how to get your controller connected in the manual.

FPV Freerider User Manual (PDF)

This is the deluxe version of FPV Freerider. It is focused on bigger and more detailed sceneries.

You need a pretty fast computer for the simulator to run smoothly. If necessary you can run it at lower resolution in order to get better framerate (using command line parameters as described in the manual). If you have any doubts whether it will work on your setup, please try the free demo version first.

The demo contains only one scenery, has a limited amount of features and options and a quad with deliberately rather sluggish settings. In the full version you can tune the settings freely to your liking.

* Controllers that have been succesfully used include FrSKY Taranis, Spektrum, Devo, Turnigy, Flysky, Eachine, Graupner and Futaba RC radios, Realflight and Esky USB Controllers, Xbox, Playstation and Logitech gamepads. Please try the free demo version to see if it will work with your controller.

If you have a Taranis and are running Windows you might want to check out this document on how to setup your controller to work with the simulator:

Taranis Setup (PDF)

Here is a few tips on how to set up your Spektrum transmitter to work with the simulator:

Spektrum users tips & tricks

3D mode is selected using the flight mode button on the top left (Self-leveling - Acro - 3D)

To arm the throttle control in 3D mode, put the throttle stick above middle. You will have positive thrust above middle stick and negative thrust below.

Note: The Linux version is highly experimental and will only work on some distributions, please try the free version first.


Recent changelog:


- Fixed a sync issue that caused screen update stutter even when running at full framerate


- experimental flight recording/ghost quad feature (see the manual for instructions)

- added a tall diving friendly structure to the Rocks scene

- ability to set LOS view position

- fixed some controller calibration stuff


- added 3D flight mode (enables negative thrust/inverted flying)


- added two save slots for custom user settings

- added motion blur option in custom settings

- ability for ground sound in fpv view

- mouse pointer now automatically hides when flying

- revised quadcopter sound

- slightly revised crash system


New scenery - Factory

Also check out FPV Freerider Classic. It has some other sceneries, a few of them are simpler and more suitable to slower computers.


Buy Now$9.99 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $9.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:

FPV Freerider Recharged (Windows, latest build) 413 MB
FPV Freerider Recharged (Windows, old build) 413 MB
FPV Freerider Recharged (OS X, latest build) 434 MB
FPV Freerider Recharged (OS X, old build) 434 MB
FPV Freerider Recharged demo (Linux, latest build, experimental) 423 MB
FPV Freerider Recharged (Linux, old build, experimental) 423 MB

Download demo

FPV Freerider Recharged demo (Windows) (176 MB)
FPV Freerider Recharged demo (OS X) (193 MB)
FPV Freerider Recharged demo (Linux, experimental) (189 MB)